Module VI: Body Contouring; Combine Devices and Injectables for Ultimate Results
11th & 12th Nov, 2024



Body Contouring; Combine Devices and Injectables For Ultimate Contouring

Theoretical & Hands-On

  • Have a working knowledge of the prevalence, etiology, and pathophysiology of the conditions addressed in Body Contouring including obesity, localized adiposity, and cellulite
  • Understand the importance of body image in treating aesthetic patients and the ideal proportions for both male and female forms
  • Perform body mass index measurements, anthropomorphic measurements, and medical photography to document clinical presentation and results
  • Prescribe organic whole foods, low glycaemic diet along with appropriate detoxification, hormone balancing, and treatment of food allergy for optimal BMI
  • Prescribe exercise plans for individual clients based on age, gender, physical health, BMI, and current activity level to help achieve optimal body contour
  • Diagnose the different forms of cellulite in individual patients in order to prescribe appropriate treatments. Understand the co-morbid conditions of lymphedema, lipoedema, and venous stasis
  • Develop a working knowledge of aesthetic devices and energies used in body contouring including Radiofrequency, Acoustic wave, Infrared energy, a novel chilling device, and lymphatic massage. Gain practical knowledge from aesthetic experts regarding the utility and effectiveness of these devices as well as their specific indications
  • Develop a working knowledge of the active ingredients use in mesotherapy for the treatment of cellulite including procaine, aminophylline, phosphatidyl choline, deoxycholate, melilotus, and platelet rich plasma
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the use of lip dissolve for the treatment of localized adiposity
  • Conduct aesthetic consultations with patients including medical history, lifestyle, patient concerns, patient education regarding the available technology and practices and effectively communicate expected results. All forms and protocols will be provided
  • Participate in an interactive session with experts performing body contouring treatments on aesthetic patients according to “best practice” standards
  • Perform body contouring treatments on patients including consultations, diagnosis, dietary prescription, exercise prescriptions, choice of appropriate device or modality, delivery of the treatment and patient education. These will be done with the guidance of an aesthetic expert
  • This combined with the knowledge gained in Module III will enable physicians to be expert in providing state of the art of body contouring

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