Module II – Aesthetic Laser , Light & Energy Applications – Online


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Aesthetic Venous Treatments, Body Contouring Treatments, Sexual Enhancement Treatments


24hrs online to be completed in a maximum of 90 days
Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

– Comprehend the incidence, prevalence, and morbidity associated with chronic venous insufficiency
– Understand the risk factors of venous disease including heredity, hormonal influences, lifestyle, and congenital abnormalities
– Perform differential diagnosis of venous disease symptomology
– Review venous anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
– Participate in an interactive session with leading experts performing physical examination of patients presenting with venous pathology ranging from telangiectasias to deep venous system abnormalities
– Learn to use diagnostic tools for the evaluation of venous insufficiency including transillumination (vein light), photoplethysmography (PPG), continuous wave Doppler, and duplex ultrasound and their value in differential diagnosis and view live demonstrations of these devices
– Review mechanisms of action of the scleroscants used in sclerotherapy including hypertonic saline, polidocanol, sotradecol, polyiodinated iodine, and glycerin and the risks and benefits associated with each
– Learn “best practice” injection techniques for performing effective sclerotherapy treatments
– Review the risks and benefits of lasers and radiofrequency devices utilized in energy-based closure of the saphenous system including radiofrequency, diode, and infrared devices
– Understand office-based technique of ambulatory phlebectomy in the treatment of varicosities
– Develop treatment plans and best practice standards for the treatment of venous disease from the deep system to spider veins including patient selection, patient education, pre and post procedural care, and techniques for treatment
– Understand the role of compression therapy in the treatment of venous disease
– Review the potential adverse events in the treatment of venous disease and how to avoid and manage complications
– Participate in an interactive session with leaders in the vascular medicine and surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of live patients with venous pathology including deep venous system, superficial venous system, reticulars, varicosities, and telangiectasias
– Discuss the pros and cons of insurance billing for the treatment of venous disease
– Review strategies for developing a successful vein practice including proven choices in technology and products along with marketing strategies
– Review the incidence, prevalence, morbidity, and comorbidity of obesity worldwide
– Review the statistics for the weight loss market and body contouring market demonstrating the need for effective therapies for the treatment of obesity and localized adiposity optimal health and self-image
– Analyze proven strategies for weight loss including organic whole food treatment planning, prescriptive exercise, hormone balancing, food allergies and detoxification strategies
– Discuss the incidence and prevalence of cellulite as an inflammatory disease of the deep dermis
– Understand the pathophysiology of cellulite and the diagnostic criteria
– Review the anatomy of the lymphatic system and its importance in maintaining optimal health
– Review the role of hormone imbalance, venous, and lymphatic congestion in the pathophysiology of cellulite
– Understand the factors leading to localized adiposity including genetics, gender, lifestyle, and hormone imbalance
– Review the technique of mesotherapy with the mechanism of action of the active ingredients including phosphatidycholine, deoxycholate, aminophylline, pentoxyphylline, L-carnitine, procaine, and yohimbine
– Learn the best practice standards for formulations and injection techniques for mesotherapy treatments of cellulite, skin laxity, mesoglow, and Lipodissolve
– Discuss the medical and legal ramifications surrounding mesotherapy worldwide
– Understand the energy-based devices used to treat obesity, localized adiposity, cellulite, and skin laxity including vacuum massage, infrared light, light emitting diodes (LED), radiofrequency, and acoustic wave technology with their appropriate indications and expected clinical outcomes
– Participate in an interactive session with leading experts performing live mesotherapy and lipodissolve treatments, as well as live demonstrations of energy-based devices to treat adiposity, cellulite, and skin laxity

When combined with Module VI, this course will enable physicians to provide expert knowledge and procedural competence to their patients desiring aesthetic venous and body contouring treatments

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