Module IV-A Fillers, Toxins & PRP
9 & 10 November, 2023


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Advanced Theoretical & Hands-On Injectables ‘Fillers, Neuromodulators BotulinumtoxinA
For Upper Face | Lip & Face Fillers| PRP (Face & Scalp)


Upon completion of this module, the participant will:

• The science of beauty: Ideal facial geometry and proportions
• Concept of facial contouring and how to achieve beauty
• Morphological changes of the aging face
• Essential anatomy and procedural strategies for safe injections
• Standardisation of soft tissue filler injections and treatment planning: Tear trough, zygoma, nasolabial fold, and lips
• How to ensure safe injection technique and how to avoid complications
• Learning to inject at various depths: supra-periosteal, subcutaneous, and intradermal levels
• Overview of soft tissue fillers in Aesthetic Medicine
• Filler injection procedure and techniques: Use of Cannula and Needles
• Platelet Rich Plasma: safety, aesthetic applications and indications of PRP
• PRP scalp applications
• History and basic science of BotulinumtoxinA
• Anatomy of upper face neurotoxin target muscles
• FDA-approved indications for BotulinumtoxinA
• Reproducible treatment algorithm for upper face BotulinumtoxinA injections

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